VMA LLC strictly prohibits any acts of corruption by the staff of the company and its representatives as well as acts of corruption conducted towards the staff of the company and its representatives. We condemn bribery, kickbacks and other forms or corruption. Meanwhile, the small gifts are not a matter of prohibition but are not encouraged. Gifts that are given openly, are not monetary (cash, vouchers and etc,), and have some reasonable motive (a small Christmas gift, showing of gratitude etc.) and a value logical to the motive are tolerated. Anything that does not fully correspond to the criterion above even though intended as a gift will not be perceived as a gift. It is strictly prohibited to our staff to receive gifts in change of any action.

Our company uses various tools to combat corruption. We encourage members of our staff to report in case of corruption suspicions.
We encourage our consumers to do as well. If there are any suspicions of corruption please contact to: