Medical Assistance in Tajikistan

VMA Assistance provides medical assistance during your stay in Tajikistan. Through cooperation with leading hospitals and clinics in Dushanbe and Tajikistan and medical emergency services we offer best available care to our customers.

VMA Assistance provides medical assistance services in Tajikistan through trusted medical facilities. Our services include medical assistance in Dushanbe, Khujant, as well as assistance in alpinism routes in Pamir region.

The assistance in Tajikistan Pamir region includes medical assistance and travel assistance. We also provide repatriation and medical evacuation services from Tajikistan Pamir region, as well as ground ambulance transportation throughout all the territory of Tajikistan.

Our medical assistance services in Tajikistan include:

    Referral to doctors, dentists, clinics and hospitals in Tajikistan
    Choice of a trusted medical facility
    Ground ambulance in Tajikistan
    Arrangement of dispatch of doctors and specialists, as well as nursing staff who can provide round the clock assistance
    Medicine dispatch
    Hospital admission arrangements and discharge planning
    Checking invoices and settling hospital/clinic/doctor payments
    Monitoring of hospital treatment
    Qualified liaison for relaying medical information to family members
    Arrangements of visitor to bedside
    Emergency medical evacuation from Tajikistan and transportation assistance
    Repatriation from Tajikistan
    Repatriation of remains from Tajikistan
    Travel assistance in Tajikistan
    Road and technical assistance in Tajikistan
    Wheel-chair and other medical equipment rent and replacement
    Eyeglasses and corrective lens replacement assistance
    Assistance in providing medical escort
    Prescription assistance, emergency prescription replacement
    Case management: assessment of needs and situation
    Any other assistance services that might be necessary and reasonable

We partner with leading medical and dental institutions in Tajikistan and with VMA Assistance you will have an access to a network of the best hospitals and clinics in Dushanbe and throughout Tajikistan.

Repatriation of mortal remains service in Tajikistan from Dushanbe International Airport is available.

Translation of medical and legal documents and interpretation services to and from Tajik are also available.

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